Complex’s Documentary On Supreme Resellers: Dope Or Whack?


If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance that you love you some Supreme. No matter if it’s a box logo camp cap, a random accessory like a fire extinguisher or crowbar, or something rare like a PCL hoodie, you’ve got at least one piece from the legendary New York brand in your wardrobe or decorating your house.

Complex Magazine loves Supreme too. They know that anything Supreme-related is great clickbait, and they report any news on James Jebbia’s storied brand, down to the smallest blurb. One of their favorite things to do is send their most famous Canadian employee Emily Oberg down to the line for Supreme drops, and let the people in line make asses of themselves (shouts to Racks though, dude is a G)

Let’s be honest, we all love watching the people in line making fools of themselves, not even being able to answer the most rudimentary questions about Supreme, and Complex has taken note of this. Yesterday, they posted a trailer for what is to be a 4-part documentary series on Supreme resellers.

So what’s this going to be all about? It could be very interesting. We could get a look into the inner world of the reseller, finding out what got them into reselling Supreme, and if they even like the brand for themselves. We could hear stories from people who’ve been in the lines for years (you know they’ve got some tales to tell), and we could maybe even learn more about the brand in the process.

On the flip side, it might just be drivel. Nobody wants to hear someone crow about how easy it is to flip box logo hoodies and jackets for 3-10 times what they’re worth…and we can only hope that they drop the A&E true crime documentary style. These guys are selling clothes, not bricks.

Whatever it is, we’re looking forwards to seeing for ourselves on Monday when the first episode drops. Here’s hoping it’ll be worth watching all the way through.


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