Shameless Instagram Plug IV


As some of you may have noticed, (or not noticed at all), I haven’t posted an article in around two weeks now. Finals week got the best of me, and I had to focus my time hitting the books instead of doing something cool like writing for KicksOneTwo. Now that finals week is over and Winter break has begun, it’s only right that I come back to the site with an absolute BANGER of an article, right??

Well… Sorry to disappoint.

I figure another Instagram plug is well overdue since Ross and I have been taking the most fire shots of our lives lately. I promise you – you will not be disappointed.

Plus, where else are you going to find pictures of Yeezys next to a picture of some Monopoly Reebok Reverse Jams? Or how about a picture of some Sheed AF1’s next to a picture of some Retro 1’s? (And trust me, the Retro 1 is a staple of our IG. Gang gang.)

My point is this – no other sneaker IG account out there has as diverse a page as we do, and we take great pride in that. Not to say we don’t post our fair share of heat, but we just won’t be shoving Yeezys down your throat each and every day. And who knows – if you follow us you just mind see a new pair that you’ve never seen before. Win-win all around.

In addition to following our Instagram page, please check us out on Twitter and Facebook!! Even though you’ll be hit with reminders to checkout the newest articles on the site, our Twitter page is decently bland right now. However, with both Ross and me planning on tweeting off of it more often, you have no reason to not follow us! We’re both definitely looking forward to talking sneakers, clothing, and who knows what else with you guys over there!!

So please — bless up and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Tell your friends to follow us. Follow us on the path to more success. Word to Khaled.

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