Why The”What The Fieg” Gel Lyte III’s Are A Must-Have


Merry Kithmas.

Yes, Christmas was yesterday, and yes, that was a terrible joke..but it was one that needed to be made. When you’re as big of a Kith stan as everyone at KicksOneTwo is, it really was Kithmas earlier this month when the gawd himself, Ronnie Fieg, announced that he’d be releasing a “What The Fieg” Gel Lyte III that paid homage to the 16 models of the shoe he’d done before, from the “Kith Football Equipment” to the “Salmon Toe”.

Although the “What The” concept has seen better days, this shoe wasn’t the same. The 16 models that it was made up of were released over a period of several years, and each had their own place in sneaker history. Ronnie made the Gel Lyte III into the incredibly popular shoe it is today, and this shoe pays homage to that.

Not only are the shoes well executed, the extras are on point. A book detailing the designs. 16 pins, one for each model. 16 socks, one for each model. 16 laces, one for each model. A swatch of the material that was used on each shoe, from pigskin suede to premium leather.

You getting the point yet? These are more than shoes. They’re literally a museum for everyone who loves Asics and the Gel Lyte III. If you’re a fan of either, you’ve absolutely got to have these in your collection, if even just to display. There aren’t many sneakers that have this much rich history behind them, and when one comes along, you’ve got to get your hands on it.

With that said, if anyone has a size 10, I’m in the market, as I didn’t cook on release day (of course). Hit me up.



What do you think of the “What The Fieg” Gel Lyte III’s? Were you lucky enough to cop a pair on release day? Are you hoping to find one now? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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