Why The “What The Fieg” Gel Lyte III’s Are (NOT) A Must-Have


You’re probably confused right now.

“The “What The Fieg” Gel Lyte III’s aren’t a must-have? But…but Ross just told me yesterday they were!! I just went out and dropped a rack on them because he convinced me I needed them!”

Granted, Ross did make a great argument as to why you need to own a pair of “What The Fieg’s”, but I disagree with him. You may have started the website, Ross, but you can’t tell me what I do and don’t like!!

To be completely honest, Ross probably only wrote that article since he has a crush on Mr. Fieg, and wanted to get a retweet or like from him out of the deal. Something tells me Jahmade was in on it as well. SMH.

Alright, alright. Enough with the Ross slander. Let’s get down to business. (Starting with a foreword to promote goodwill with all the Kith stans out there).

Don’t get me wrong — I’m a huge Kith and Ronnie Fieg fan. When it comes to role models, and people I strive to be like, Ronnie is at the top of every list. Despite rumors of him “falling off”, Ronnie, in my eyes, hasn’t even reached his peak. But come on… a “What  The?” theme? This is a low for him.

The “What The?” theme was cool for the first few sneakers with Nike. However “overplayed” is now a huge understatement. So overplayed, in fact, people saying that it’s overplayed is getting overplayed. (Don’t ever play yourself).

The allure of wearing mismatching sneakers never quite caught on with me, and I’m in no rush to try to change my mind. Add to the fact that you’re just throwing together random colors in random places from old colorways — nah. Like high fashion, most designer clothing, and hard drugs, this stuff just isn’t for me.

What I did like most about this special package was all the details and additions. The Homage book was unbelievably dope. I’d like to see Nike do something like that. Plus Ronnie threw in 17 pins, 13 sets of laces, a swatch ring of all the materials, and 13 pairs of Stance socks. That’s insane. Even when he misses, Ronnie still finds a way to hit.

All-in-all, I can’t hate on this shoe too much. All of these extras just don’t make it worth it for me to cop this shoe I’ll probably never wear. Plus, I struck out trying for Jahmade, so I definitely won’t cop off of the crazy high resale. Funny how things work out like that.

So what do you think? Am I right? Or am I just full of it and should now leave the opinion pieces to Ross? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter!


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