The OG Cement IV’s Will Be Widely Available, And That’s A Good Thing


You’re probably thirsty already. February 13th can’t come soon enough. You NEED these OG Cement IV’s with “Nike Air” boldly emblazoned on the back. They’re an absolute must. You might even need two pairs.

Well, you’ll get your chance to get two pairs. Just call around and ask your local Foot Locker, Champs, or Finish Line….pretty much every store is going to be getting them.

This of course has the old heads up in arms. They’ll tell you how hard it used to be to get Jordans with Nike Air on the back. They’ll tell you these young bucks don’t know what they’re getting (that might be right). Whatever they tell you, there will likely be one common theme: they won’t be too happy with it.

This is understandable. When a shoe that used to be rare and limited becomes much more common, people get upset. They don’t like seeing everyone wearing the same thing that they do. Believe us when we say we get it. We here at KicksOneTwo like to think we’re pretty rare, and we don’t usually see people rocking the same stuff as us.

But with a classic, clean shoe like this, it’s great that people will be able to get their pairs. This is a shoe that goes with pretty much any outfit. Looks great with shorts. Looks great with pants. Looks great with light clothes. Looks great with dark clothes. No matter what you do, if you throw these on, you’ll be getting a solid fit off.

Plus, they’re a classic, and classics need to be shared. There are a lot of people who are hankering for them, and they¬†might just be the shoe that gets someone young interested in kicks, just like they did for so many people back when they first released.

So be glad they’re widely available. If everyone’s able to throw a pair of fire kicks on, that’s a good thing. Plus, you might be able to double up and save one for a few years down the road when everyone’s beat theirs. You’d be down with that, right? Yeah, we thought so.


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