Wavy Wednesdays Is The Best Thing On Soundcloud Right Now

There are few things better than kicking around on Soundcloud. You can check for new releases from your favorite artists, find new music that you’ve never heard before, and set the vibe for your whole day. There’s a lot of good stuff on there.

However, there’s little debate that the best thing on Soundcloud right now is Wavy Wednesdays, courtesy of the A$AP Mob. Ever since February, artists from the Mob have been using the AWGE SHIT Soundcloud to drop new music.

If it’s an A$AP release, you already know it’s going to be quality, and the Mob has offered up everything fromĀ older, unreleased remixes like Rocky’s added verse on Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever”, to bangers like Ferg’s “Trap Anthem”, featuring Migos.


But the best part about the AWGE Soundcloud is that it offers members of the Mob who might not have as much mainstream recognition as Rocky and Ferg a chance to shine as well. A$AP Twelvyy (an underrated spitter in our humble opinion), and A$AP Ant have provided some of the better songs on the Soundcloud. Hard to believe? Check out “Again” and “Geek’d Up” for proof.

And it’s not stopping soon. Rocky announced that there will be new music every Wednesday until the release of Vol. 1 of the “Cozy Tapes”, a collaborative effort from A$AP Mob. We can’t wait for the tape..but as long as they continue to release dope music every week, we won’t be tripping too much.


What’s your favorite Wavy Wednesdays track? Who do you think will have the best showing when Vol. 1 of the Cozy Tapes drops? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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