The Great Debate: Bape Vs. Supreme


The clash of the titans. The battle of legends. The fight of juggernauts.

Bape vs. Supreme. The two most popular brands in street culture, one a high-end brand from Tokyo, the other a scrappy skate brand from New York City. Both rose from humble beginnings to become powerhouses. Both command an unreal amount of hype that other brands couldn’t muster up if they tried. Both have rabid (and sometimes overlapping) fanbases. They’ve even collaborated.

But which one would win if they went head to head? Who would come out on top in the battle of street culture titans? There’s only one way to find out: a three-round, head to head battle for the crown. Let’s get ready to rumble.



The two brands offer a very different aesthetic. Supreme is inspired by skate culture and New York City, while Bape brings a loud, colorful Japanese streetwear vibe. Although both are extremely unique, Supreme takes the cake in the aesthetic category. They’ve been the top gun of skate inspired wear for 20+ years, and in a market that evolves and changes so much, you really can’t knock that track record.



Although nobody would deny Supreme in this category (even though they borrowed heavily from Barbra Kruger’s aesthetic), it’s got to go to Bape. It’s whimsical. It’s flashy. It’s a lot of fun. A shark hoodie will always and forever be one of the best streetwear pieces of all time, and Bape’s signature camo pattern is instantly recognizable.



Although hype can be extremely irritating, you’ve got to respect its place in street culture. Although Bape has dropped many a hyped piece and collab, Supreme wins the “Hype” category by a long shot. Everything on the website sells out almost instantly. People camp in line for days at the shops. Shoe releases have been shut down due to overwhelming demand. No brand in the world can top Supreme when it comes to hype.

And the winner is: Supreme, by a score of 2-1 (if you weren’t keeping track). No brand better represents street culture, and no brand is more timeless and authentic. Shouts to Bape, but they’ll have to settle for second place this time.


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