Adidas Has Got The Juice


Adidas is killing it right now.

About a month ago, I wrote an article asking if anyone could slow their roll, and the last 30 continued to prove what the beginning of 2016 and pretty much all of 2015 told us: no, nobody could slow their roll.

It’s rare you see a brand get hot like this, and you’ve got to pay respect where respect is due. No matter how you feel about the brand, love them or hate them (I’ve got friends that fall on both sides of that spectrum), you can’t deny that Adidas has got the juice right now.

This week, they released their new NMD Runner in several different colorways for both men and women. They all sold out right away. The resell market was lit for the first time in what seems like forever, and people who missed out were calling stores and hitting up plugs to see if they could get their hands on a pair. The thirst was very real, and continued Adidas’s string of highly-sought after releases, taking the torch from the Ultra Boost and the Tubular Dooms. Even sneakerheads who were extremely anti-Adidas couldn’t help but start warming up as the hits continued rolling in.

Adidas got to this point through very smart marketing. Pharrell’s 50-color Superstar pack and Kanye West’s releases got the market bubbling…but then Adidas did what so many brands failed to do and capitalized on what Pharrell and Ye started when it was hot. High-tech casual shoes? Great. Boost foam in what seems like everything? Check. Renewed push behind classic models like the Stan Smith and the Superstar? Check. Even more collars with high-end brands like Y-3 (a long running partnership) and Raf Simmons? Check. They took their opportunity to be the cool guy and ran with it. Plus, their technological innovation is second to none right now. Boost foam and Primeknit are the two hottest technologies on the market.

So yes, they’ve got the juice right now, and they seem poised to win the spring and summer months as well with a combination of smart marketing and great product. The ripple effect from their success is great for the game too, as other brands will have to be at their very best all summer long as well. You know who really wins from that? Us, the consumers. The more dope shit we have to chose from, the better. It’s very lit to be a sneaker head right now. Adidas is innovating, Jordan is bringing back some extremely dope retros, and Nike Sportswear has responded to the Adidas push with heat of their own. What a time to be alive.


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