R.I.P. Widikus


The Twin Cities lost a real one yesterday. A creative-minded guy, a talented rapper, but above all a good, genuine person: Widikus.

Anyone in the Twin Cities hip-hop scene would tell you that Widikus was someone you looked to when you were in need of a dope rhyme or a good laugh. He was a friendly, outgoing guy, always quick with a smile and a dap. It was hard to be in a bad mood when he and the Left Life squad arrived at the function.

Although I haven’t known him that long personally, I always enjoyed the discussions we had at shows and the humorous back-and-forths that we engaged in on Twitter, and I’ll never forget when he and the Left Life crew tore the roof off at WAX back in November.

My heart goes out to the Left Life crew, and anyone that knew Widikus, either personally or from his music. Losing someone so young hurts, especially when it’s such a genuine, kind, talented person. You couldn’t find someone who had something bad to say about him if you tried, and that says a lot about the type of person that he was.

We’ll miss his kindness, creativity, and positive energy he always brought with him.

R.I.P. Widikus. Rest easy.


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