JsForDays Just Brought In A Ton Of Heat


There’s a good chance you’re familiar with JsForDays. An online pre-order/consignment service, they’ve been guaranteeing your pair early (for a fee) and letting you partake in raffles to win rare kicks for years now.

But recently, they’ve switched the game up by making a very large purchase. Airkenny aka @KW21270 sold them a large part of his collection, and needless to say there are some BANGERS up for sale. The prices are high, but finding heat of this caliber is not easy. Here’s a few of our favorite pairs that are available now.

Editor’s note: There has been a lot of chatter about the prices locally. We’re not promoting or┬ácondemning any of them, just sharing our favorite pairs from the collection. It’s up to you to decide if they’re fair or not!

Air Jordan I LOS (Legends Of Summer) PE-$15,000


If you want to channel your inner Justin Timberlake with some rare heat, these are the shoes for you. Any Jordan I lover knows and respects these kicks, and would love to add a fresh pair to their collection. A definite head-turner, but you’ve got to have some pretty large feet: these are a size 15.

Air Jordan II Eminem “The Way I Am” Sample-$7,000


Eminem fan? Then you already know what these II’s are about. You can’t be an ultimate Marshall stan (see what I did there) unless you’ve got a pair on deck. If you’re rocking a size 13, you’re in luck.

Air Jordan IV UNC PE-$15,000


Does any college team get better PE’s than UNC? That’s a rhetorical question. The midsole and heel tab on these are decked out in a crazy agile pattern, and the Carolina blue upper looks buttery soft. Any Tar Heel fan would do terrible things to have these. If you can fit a 14, you’re in luck.

Air Jordan VI Tim Howard PE-$7,500


Even if you’re not a soccer fan, you’ve got to admit that it’s pretty cool the goalie who made a herculean effort for Team USA in the last World Cup got his own Jordan PE. If you’ve got $7,500 stashed away and want to feel like Tim Howard, you’ve got your choice of an 8.5 or a 12 (for $8,000)


What’s your favorite pair JsForDays has in stock right now? If you could have any one pair, which would it be? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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