Easter Inspired Sneaker Collections: No Thanks


There’s nothing that sneaker companies love more than a capsule collection. Any time a holiday/historical event comes around, you can bet that at least one brand will release shoes that draw inspiration from it. Christmas, Black History Month, and any All-Star game are just a few examples. Some collections are great, some aren’t so great.

One that seems to always fall in the latter category (collections that aren’t so great) are the Easter collections. Every year, various brands shoot their shot at releasing Easter-inspired sneakers, and every year those sneakers turn out to be bricks. Hardly wearable, strangely colored bricks.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t dope jawnz out there. If you’re willing to do a little digging, you can find a pair or two. However, most Easter-inspired sneakers are garish and plain unwearable. Examples, you say? By all means. Easter KD VII’s. Easter D Rose 4’s. Easter Lebron X. That enough bricks? Ok, we’ll stop.

The tough thing about an easter capsule collection is the colors you have to use. Easter is typically associated with pastel colors, as eggs are usually died with pastel purples, yellows, oranges, etc. This looks fine on eggs, but tends to not lend itself particularly well to shoes. Who wants to wear a garish, high-tech, pastel colored shoe? Not a whole heck of a lot of people. Maybe that’s why the kicks in these capsules tend to go on sale so fast.

Capsule collections are a great thing when done well. They can bring a lot of meaning and a lot of style to something. However, some events/holidays are better off just being left alone. Not everything needs a capsule collection, and Easter is certainly a day that doesn’t.


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