The Jordan XVII: A Refreshing Change Of Pace


There’s a retro release this weekend.

That’s not a terribly uncommon occurrence. There’s retro releases most weekend. Jordan Brand keeps sneakerheads happy with new heaters coming out what seems like every weekend. However, this weekend’s release is a little bit different. It’s not a I-XIV like normal. It’s not a new colorway of an old model. It’s the very first Jordan XVII, the “Copper” to be specific, marking the first time an XVII has been released in over a decade.

This is a refreshing change of pace when it comes to retro releases. Sometimes it’s impossible to not feel fatigued when it comes to releases, as it seems the same models get done up in several different colorways and released again..and again…and again. A change of pace is great every so often, and Jordan Brand has given us just that with the drop of the XVII.

Although it’s not as popular as say a Jordan III or a Jordan VI, it holds a special place in the hearts of many sneakerheads. Mike hooped in em. Hell, he scored his 30,000th point in em, while he was playing for the Washington Wizards. The on-court nostalgia is there, as is the off-court nostalgia. Although they’re not coming in a suitcase like they did when they first released, anyone who had a pair (or couldn’t get a pair when they originally dropped because of how expensive they were) remembers the packaging just as fondly as they did the shoe.

So shouts to Jordan Brand for switching up things a bit and keeping it fresh. Although there’s not a crazy amount of hype around these, you shouldn’t be surprised when they start moving off the shelves. There’s a lot of people who really enjoy them, and they won’t be sitting.


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