The Graveyard: 3 Shoes That Are Completely Washed

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Every so often, something special happens in the sneaker game. A new model comes out, or an old model gains steam again for some reason, and it’s the hottest thing out for a good minute. New colorways and special editions drop, sneakerheads and fashionistas sing the praises of the shoe from coast to coast, and then the market gets saturated. The “cool shoe” becomes a favorite of suburban high school kids and 50-year old men. The “cool shoe” is now firmly buried 6 feet deep in the sneaker graveyard.

There are a lot of shoes that fit this profile, but three stand out more than others, so we’ve compiled them into one list so washed, you might feel basic just reading it. Keep a fire jawn handy in case of a basic emergency…we’re going right in.

Nike Roshe Run


We really couldn’t start this list out with anything else. Is there any shoe in the universe more washed than the Roshe Run? When it first dropped, there was nothing cooler. They were minimal, comfy, and cheap. There were dope Instagram pages dedicated to the Roshe. The Flyknit version was fresh as well, but things went to hell in a handbasket from there. Now they’re the shoe of choice for standard high school kids who wear them till there are holes in the toes (by choice), middle-age women who think wearing jeans instead of yoga pants counts as “dressing up”, and your crazy great-uncle who wants to be a cool kid again.

Nike LeBron 13


The LeBron line has been going downhill for years now (the 10 was the last decent pair, and they peaked at the 9), but the 13 is a new level of des déchets (that’s garbage in French in case you were wondering) for Lebron’s signature models. The 13 lows are decent, but the highs…..hoo boy, talk about nasty. If you’re wearing a LeBron 13 for anything other than basketball, you might want to take a good long look in the mirror. While you’re looking in the mirror, consider getting rid of your extra-long basketball shorts and tee with the motivational saying. You don’t need to be dressing like you’re going to go hoop if you’re not actually going to go hoop.

Adidas D Rose 6 Boost


We love Boost. We think it’s the most comfy cushioning technology you’ll find in any shoe on the market…but even Boost can’t save the D Rose 6. It’s actually been scientifically proven that if you put a D Rose on, you’ll immediately become extremely injury-prone and miss out on a bunch of really important things and events because you’re couch-bound due to your injuries. 6 models in, and there still hasn’t been a dope pair of D Rose shoes yet. Maybe Adidas should just shelve the line completely and focus on lifestyle product, as they do that extremely well.


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