When Is A Sneaker’s Box Price Too High?


There’s no denying it, sneakers are a very expensive hobby. Even a pair of kicks every other month is a budget-stretcher for some sneakerheads, and as kicks continue to get more and more expensive, there’s a simple question that’s just begging to be asked: When is a sneaker’s box price just too damn high?

This is a difficult question, and one with no solid answer. Shoes used to be somewhat reasonably priced. Remember when you could get a solid pair for under $70? Remember the 2 for $90 deal at Champs (still the best deal in the history of sneakers if you ask us)? Well, those days are long gone. So you’ve got to ask yourself: where are you going to draw the line? Will it be at $190 for a Jordan? Will it be at $230 for a pair of American-made New Balance? Will it be at $500 for a designer shoe, like a Balenciaga? Will it be at $650 for a pair of Just Dons? Mind you, we’re not talking resell prices here. We’re talking about what you’re willing to pay for a new pair of shoes from a retail location or website.

Want my two cents? Anything more than the mid $200’s is too much. That covers everything from Jordans to high-end runners, so there’s really no need to spend any more than that. I can understand if you want to go up a little bit and get yourself a pair of Common Projects, or another nice, simple designer shoe, but paying several hundred dollars for a non-designer shoe like the Just Dons is just flat-out not feasible.

But that’s the beauty of the sneaker game: you get to set your own limits. Think $650 for the Dons is fair and you can swing it? More power to you. They really are a fire shoe. Want to put down $700 for the MTM pack? Go for it if you like the concept. Just do yourself a favor: set a top box price in your mind, and don’t go over it. You’ll be glad you did.


What’s the highest retail price you’re willing to pay for a pair of shoes? Is it low, or are you willing to spend several hundred dollars? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.



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