Bleached Tees: A Perfect Summer Piece


Old is new again. Recently the demand for vintage (or faux-vintage) t-shirts has been sweeping street culture. It doesn’t matter if Guns N’Roses or Master P graphics adorn the front, if it’s old-school, it’s dope is the line of thinking right now.

You’ve probably seen more and more people with these old-school tees on, so how do you stay a step ahead of them? Simple. Cop a bleached tee.


You’ve got lots of options, so no matter what your preference is, there’s something for you out there. Want something that’s a little more artistic-looking and tame with the blotches? Check out Vintage Bleach (purveyors of the finest bleached tees you’ll find anywhere in our opinion). Want something a little louder and in-your-face? You can easily find a shirt like this Iron Maden tee above. Not sure exactly what you want just yet? That’s not a problem either. You can easily bleach a shirt yourself if you’re feeling adventurous.

No matter what you decided to do, it’s an easy way to get yourself a truly unique shirt that’ll turn heads. Bleached tees will fit in easily with your summer wardrobe, and they seem to match with any and all kicks too (believe us, we know how important that is).


Plus, you want to get on it sooner rather than later. Dope trends like the bleached tee always wind up being sold at mall shops sooner or later when the corporate bigwigs and “influencers” catch on … and when they do you can go ahead and stick a fork in them because they’re absolutely, positively, 100% done, and they’re never coming back either. Do yourself a favor, and put some bleached tees in your wardrobe for the rest of the summer. You’ll be very glad you did.


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