Gucci Mane & Supreme: A Match Made In Heaven


Gucci Mane and Supreme. A legendary rapper and a legendary brand, each with their own fervent cult following, Gucci for his persona and clever wordplay, and Supreme for their legacy and attitude.

You’d never think that they’d come together for a collaboration (even the most ardent hypebeast can’t say they saw it coming) … but now that they did, you’ve got to love the results. Indie hero Harmony Korine, the director of Spring Breakers (which Gucci played a major role in) directed an ad in which Gucci, decked out in a Supreme box logo tee, plays the piano, sings, talks about Supreme, and shares his shopping habits. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here to check it out.

What will come of this collaboration? It could just be a one-off humorous video just for the sake of promotion, but the internet is abuzz with rumors and speculation that Gucci will appear on Supreme’s infamous photo tee for the F/W ’16 line, joining other rap luminaries like Three 6 Mafia and Raekwon. There’s no way of telling if this is true or not (don’t believe everything you read online, kids), but in the event it is … the internet just might explode. Kids who didn’t even know who Morressy is snapped up a tee with his face on it last season, so if Gucci’s grinning mug adorns a tee, you already know it’ll be gone before you can say “hypebeast” three times.

And also we can’t help but hope that if Gucci continues to rock with Supreme, maybe he’ll run into the infamous Ape next time he’s in New York. We have a feeling that he won’t be running up to big Guwop talking reckless … and if he does, it’s sure to be an encounter to remember.


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