LeBron 14 Price Drop: It’s A Good Thing

There’s no denying it: signature shoes are expensive. Very expensive. An NBA player’s name and logo on a sneaker can fetch a price point that’s unthinkable to some casual consumers … but that player’s fans will continue to buy the shoe.

The most expensive signature shoe line on the market belongs to none other than the King himself, LeBron James. King James fetches a whopping $200 a pair for his kicks, severely lightening the wallets of young fans across the country.

Let’s be honest: a $200 price point for a basketball sneaker is nuts, especially for a kid looking for a pair of signature shoes. Why do you think Steph Curry’s Under Armour shoes move so well? It’s more than his spectacular play … it’s the much more affordable $130 price point as well.

According to IcySole Online (hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet, but they are a reliable source), the Lebron 14 will be $175 instead of the usual $200. We’re no professional industry analysts, but we can’t help but think that Nike realized that a more affordable price point would probably be better for business. Sure, $175 isn’t cheap but it certainly doesn’t have the sticker shock that a 3-digit number that doesn’t start with “1” does.

And it’s not just LeBron’s kicks that took a price cut. Even though the KD 9 has a premium Flyknit upper and full-length Zoom cushioning, Nike’s asking an even $150 this year. This is good. Very good. We understand that signature shoes come with a high price point, but they do need to be somewhat affordable. After all, it is the youth that drives signature shoe sales. Kudos to Nike for making it slightly less hard on the parents of those kids to give them what they want.


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