Kaws x Uniqlo: The Best Deal Of The Year


If you’ve even minimally paid attention to street culture over the last decade-plus, the name Kaws should resonate with you. The art and graffiti legend has created many a memorable piece, be it on a canvas or an bus shelter ad, and has collaborated with everyone from Bape to Medicom to Undercover to Supreme to Hennessy, and even designed the Moon Man award for the MTV VMA’s in 2009. He’s always got his hands in something, and can always be counted on to create something dope.

However, one of his most recent ventures might just be among his best. He’s teamed up with Uniqlo, the Japanese fast-fashion juggernaut for a capsule collection consisting of t-shirts, tote bags, and even a few carpet slippers. Guess who runs Uniqlo UT, the branch of Uniqlo that handled the collab? His old buddy Nigo of Bape fame. They’re back together again, and bringing more fire your way.


This is far from Kaws’s first foray into clothing (shouts to Original Fake), but what makes it different is that it’s affordable for literally anyone. In the past, clothing and accessories designed by Kaws would cost you a pretty penny, as it was high-end streetwear in the vein of a Bape or Undercover. This Uniqlo collection consists of tees that retail at $14.90 (you can even get $10 off when you buy two on some), bags that are $19.90, and slippers for around $12.

And you’re not getting gipped on the quality either. The tees are made of a decent cotton (they’re not the best shirt you’ll ever put on, but they’re far from Gildan), and they even feature Kaws’s signature double X embroidered (not screeprinted) on the sleeves.


It’s rare that the general public can actually afford a collection from a world-renown artist, and it’s even more rare that the collection is readily available. The original run was snapped up by resellers (of course), but it’s been replenished plenty of times, and sizes are readily¬†available in almost every piece. If you want a Kaws design, you can get a Kaws design. Hassle free (click here if you want to see what’s in stock).

So shouts to Kaws and Uniqlo for making this happen. We never thought we’d say that one of our favorite collections of the year would be one of the most affordable … and one of the most widely available. What a time to be alive.


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