Adidas’s Olympic Footwear Wins The Gold Medal


The Olympics: A time of awe-inspiring athletic feats. A time of great personal and national triumphs. A time of excellent marketing and fire sneaker releases.

You know that every time the Olympics come around, you’re going to get absolutely slammed with marketing. TV ads. “Official ____ Of The USA Olympic Team” packaging. Shoes inspired by the athletes, the logos, the medals, and anything else that’s marketable at the Olympic Games.

There’s a lot of dope stuff from many a brand this year, like Nike’s Olympic pack (which we wrote about a few weeks back), but Adidas will be taking home the gold medal for “best Olympic sneakers” this year when it’s all said and done.


They didn’t throw crazy colorways all over their shoes. They didn’t release a gaggle of apparel. They didn’t overdo it like so many brands do. They took what’s arguably their most popular shoe and designed three clean colorways inspired by bronze, silver, and gold medals.

The influence is immediately recognizable, but what makes the shoes so dope is that they’ll continue to be wearable long after the Olympic games are over. Not only do the Ultra Boosts provide long-lasting comfort, but the colorways themselves can easily be worked into one’s sneaker rotation. They’ve got just enough flash, but they’re still simple and very clean.

So kudos to Adidas for putting their best foot forwards for the 2016 Olympics. A hot shoe, great colorways, and obvious inspiration make for a gold-medal winner … and you already know we’ll be trying to cop all three of these jawns when they release on the 17th.


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