Infant Shoe Hype? Baby Yeezys Are Causing A Commotion


Sneakerheads are always thirsty for any shoe designed/endorsed by Kanye West. You already know this. You know about the raffles. The instant sell-outs online. The crazy resell prices. The hype is borderline insane. But did you ever really think it would extend to baby shoes?

In case you haven’t heard, the beloved Yeezy 350 Boost will be releasing in infant sizes this fall. That’s right, there are going to be baby Yeezys. Now you can dress your little one in Kanye’s finest footwear for a whopping $120.

$120? For some baby shoes? Yeah, that’s nuts. You know what’s even more nuts? People are willing to pay it. They’re falling all over themselves to pay for it. They can’t wait to spend over a bill for shoes that their young children will thrash in 5 wears and outgrow in a few short months. That’s the power of Kanye. Even baby Yeezys have hype.

If you think that’s outlandish, you’ll love to know that people are already trying to resell baby Yeezys as well. Resellers will never pass up an opportunity to make a buck, and a quick search of Instagram, Twitter, or any other social network will find you resellers offering you guaranteed checkout slots and pre-order oppurtunities for the most hyped-up baby shoes of all time.

What do we think about it? Well if the tone of the article didn’t give it away, we think it’s all a little crazy. They’re baby shoes, after all. Sure, you want your kid to be fresh, but as we said in the first paragraph or two, spending that much on something that won’t even fit them doesn’t make a whole lot of sense … nor does spending more than you would for a lot of adult-size shoes. But we can’t hate the hustle. There’s an opportunity to make a lot of money (think of the profit margin on these things) here for Kanye and Adidas, and they’re taking it.


What do you think of the baby Yeezys? Are you going to try and grab a pair, or is the price just flat-out too nuts for you? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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