Rio 2016: A Lit Sneaker Olympics


Every 4 years when the Olympics come around, we’re treated to lots of great shoes. Brands bring out their latest and greatest to showcase on the world’s biggest stage … and sneakerheads get a chance to immerse themselves in dozens of Olympic collections, collaborations, and colorways. Each and every Olympic Games has their own special releases, but Rio 2016 may very well be one of the best Olympics in terms of sneakers yet, as every brand that dropped special products came correct.


Nike kicked it off with an Olympic pack featuring 6 great shoes, from Prestos to Uptempos. We liked the pack so much we ranked every shoe in it, and they did a great job of giving shine to the major shoes in their summer lineup. Jordan paid homage to releases past and gold medals with the “Alternate” Olympic VII’s and the


Adidas continued their run of dominance with the Medal Pack Ultra Boosts (which we wrote about too), all of which sold out almost instantly. They also unveiled their new (and super-dope looking) Futurecraft shoes, the first pairs of which were gifted to their medal winners. We’re usually used to Nike running things at the Olympics, but Adidas might have wedged them out for the top spot this year.


And it wasn’t just the two biggest brands in the world killing things either. Diadora got in on the action too, releasing heater collaborations with the gawd Ronnie Fieg and the East Coast legends at Packer Shoes. Their “Seoul to Rio” pack brought the premium quality and great design that’s helping them re-establish their name in the sneaker world.

All across the board, no matter what brand you prefer, it was a great run for Olympic sneakers this year. Let’s just hope that the 2020 Olympics are just as dope.


What was your favorite Olympic shoe that dropped this year? Which brand did you think had the best lineup? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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