The Intricacies Of Sneaker Design

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Sneaker design is dope. The thought, time, and creativity that goes into designing silhouettes, choosing  materials, and nailing the little details that make a shoe unique is a special skill, and one that not many people possess.

Most of us can just imagine and dream about creating our own sneaker silhouette (no, making a custom colorway on NikeID doesn’t count), but thanks to Hypebeast, at least we can get a chance to see the process happen from the ground up.

John Tang, founder and creative director of FRONTEER (and former creative director of K-Swiss) breaks down the process of creating a shoe in the video, from the initial creative process of finding inspiration in something (rock climbing shoes in his case), to sketching out the sneaker’s design (freehand to ink to markers), to working on the tech pack (which is what the factory needs to make sure the proportions of the shoe are proper and all the correct materials are used). Check it out below.

It’s an interesting video, to say the least. It’s short and simple, but John lays out the basic steps you need to take to design your own kicks. Although we’re not going to be designing kicks at a high level anytime soon (we’re writers, not designers after all), we found the short look inside the sneaker design process quite fascinating … and we came away with a new appreciation for the craft, and a dope new brand that we didn’t know about before either. If you wind up rocking a pair of FRONTIER kicks, be sure to thank us.


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