Temporary Flex: LSWOP Will Let You Rent Yeezys


Ever seen someone with a pair of Yeezys on and gotten jealous?

They walk by, looking all fly, and all you can think is “Damn, I wish I had a pair of those”. Maybe you don’t because Lady Luck is never on your side during drops. Maybe you don’t because you don’t want to pay resell. Maybe you don’t because you’re not really about this life. Whatever the reason is that you don’t have them … you’re likely sore about it and wish you did. We understand. Hype can be a powerful thing.

Well, now you can have Yeezys … at least for a little while. LSWOP (short for Luxury Swop) is a company that’ll let you rent a pair from 1-4 days for $150. If just one pair isn’t enough, you can also do two shoes a month for $300, or 3 for $450. If you’re really about that long-term rental life, you can save a few bucks by becoming a member and paying a yearly fee.

Most of what LSWOP has to offer is high-end designer shoes like Saint Laurent and Rick Owens, but most in the general sneakerhead public found out about them when they made the Yeezy 350 V2’s available for rent.

We must say, it’s an interesting business model. The profit margin could potentially be high, and we all know a few sneakerheads who’d be all about a rent-a-flex. But we’ve also got one more thing to say: for real? There’s actually people who want to do this?

Who in their right mind would pay to rent a pair of shoes? Shit, you can buy a pair of Saint Laurents for $800-$1000 … that’s roughly 6 rental fees, which adds up to you only having the shoe for 20-odd days if you’re paying $150 a pop. If you have it in you to save up, you could purchase and own a shoe you’re paying to rent and get way more use out of them. It just blows our collective minds that people are actually willing to rent something like sneakers. It’s really not any different from renting a giant TV from Rent-A-Center: fake it till you make it. Just say it out loud. Shoe rental. It sounds ridiculous.

Why would you desire a material item like a designer sneaker that you can’t afford so much that you’d pay to rock it for a weekend? That’s got to be the lamest, fakest flex in the book. If you don’t send them back on time, then what happens? Does LSWOP’s sneaker repo man show up at your door, tear them off your feet, and leave you scurrying back to your Sketchers? We’re genuinely curious.

Shouts to LSWOP for finding a high-margin way to capitalize on sneakerhead thirst and the desire to make a (false) impression on others. We salute the idea, and are always down to make a few bucks … but you won’t catch us in rented shoes ever. We’d rather own our jawns, and if we can’t afford them, then we don’t have them.


What do you think of LSWOP’s rental model? Would you ever consider renting a shoe? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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