Bape’s Recent/Upcoming Sneaker Collabs: Extra Lit.


There’s no question about it: Bape has been on their shit recently.

When it comes to collabs, there’s not really many streetwear brands that can rattle off a list of footwear projects like Bape can … and some of their recent/upcoming releases might just be their best work yet. Let’s start with the NMD’s, the hottest shoe of the moment.

When you take a shoe that’s got as much juice as an NMD and slap a classic Bape camo print on it, you really can’t go wrong. It’s a perfect storm of hype, and we’ve got a feeling that ┬áboth pairs will be blowing off shelves before you can say “hypebeast”. Bape linked up with another brand that’s got all the juice at the moment .. and the result is looking excellent.


That’s not all however. Recently, Bape also linked up with one of the KicksOneTwo staff’s favorite brands, Kith. Their Kith collab is nowhere near as flashy as the Adidas collab, but the quality, design, and packaging is arguably the most on-point of the year. They let Kith and the gawd Ronnie Fieg take their most popular shoe (the Bapesta) and slap a true premium touch on it, with excellent materials, hand-crafted construction, and exemplary packaging (we love the white pair, but the tan jawns pictured above are really on point.. As we often say, collaborations are the best when both brands are allowed to play to their strengths, and that’s exactly what happened here.

So even though we’ve got two full months until the year is over, Bape might have already won the collaborative market for 2016. Sure, you don’t have to agree with that statement … but don’t deny that they’ve been KILLING it.


What do you think about Bape’s 2016 sneaker collabs? Do you have a favorite pair out of everything they did? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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