Kith x Cap’n Crunch: A Legendary Collaboration


Ronnie Fieg: a man of many tastes. A man who loves running shoes. A man who loves athletic-inspired streetwear. A man who loves cereal.

Yes, cereal. The breakfast food that we all know and love. Fruity Pebbles. Froot Loops. Count Chocula. Cap’n Crunch. The man loves cereal so much, he even opened a revolutionary cereal treat bar inside his own Kith store, entitled Kith Treats.

However, he’s just taken it to the next level, and possibly pulled off the biggest flex of 2016. He’s leveraged Kith’s name and marketing muscle … and somehow managed to secure a collaboration with one of the biggest names in cereal … Cap’n Crunch.

Although details on the project are few and far between (for now, at least), Ronnie and Kith have been pushing the promotion hard. He’s uploaded a series of videos on his Instagram┬ádetailing a day in the life of the Cap’n (you know you’re out here when you’ve still got epaulets on your Kith hoodie) as well as promising that big things will be coming soon.

As stated above, we don’t yet know what those big things are, but we’ve got to say, the collaboration is pretty incredible. For a brand that was started less than a decade ago to get a collaboration with a product recognized worldwide like Cap’n Crunch is a huge accomplishment both in a business sense (it’ll bring a lot of new eyes to Kith) and in a personal sense for Ronnie (who unabashedly speaks about his childhood love for cartoons and cereal). We’ve been blessed with a lot of crazy collabs the past few weeks … but this one could really be something special. We can’t wait to see.


What do you think of the Kith x Cap’n Crunch collab? Do you like the cartoons? What kind of product do you think they’ll release? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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