Jordan Pinnacle Collection: Our Thoughts


Jordan Pinnacle: a name that always brings excitement. With the Pinnacle line, you already know you’ll be getting top-notch quality and a creative design, so there’s many a reason to be excited when you hear a new shoe is releasing.

Well, come October 22nd, we’ll get 3: a Jordan VI inspired by MJ’s first championship, a low-top Swooshless Jordan I (a true sleeper shoe this year, didn’t get nearly as much love as it deserved), and a slide for all the cozy boys out there. We’re intrigued by the pack as a whole, so we figured we should share our thoughts on each of the shoes (and sandal) in the pack. Let’s get it.


Let’s go ahead and kick it off with the slides. This marks the first time we’ve seen a slide in a Pinnacle release … and these are the most straightforward release of the 3. White bed, metallic bronze upper, and a dope bronze keychain to boot. Although we can’t really justify spending $75 for a pair of Jordan sandals, these could definitely find a place in many a cozy boy’s sandal rotation.


Metallic silver Swooshless I’s. As we mentioned in the intro, the Swooshless I is one of the most underrated shoes of the year in our opinion. It’s clean, simple and stately. Unfortunately, the silver colorway just doesn’t really work, as it takes away the clean, understated look of the shoe by throwing a garish metallic on it. These look like a dancing shoe from the 80’s, and although they’re probably nice to look at, you won’t see them on our feet any time soon.


And last but not least: The VI’s. By far the most hyped shoe in the whole pack (we know you probably just scrolled down to read this part), these succeed where the Swooshless I Lows failed. Sure, they’re loud and in your face, but the silhouette works much better with such a color, and the all-gold with the white accents just screams luxe to us. You’ll look like you’ve got a fat championship ring on your finger when you wear these jawns.

So, a final grade on the Jordan Pinnacle pack? We’re feeling a hard 7/10, and as we’re harsh graders, that’s pretty damn good. The sandals are solid, the I’s are somewhat disappointing, and the VI’s are a banger. A solid effort from Jordan Brand before Yeezy mania sweeps the sneaker world yet again.


What do you think of the Jordan Pinnacle pack? Is there one shoe that really stands out to you? Are you planning on copping any? Do you own any other Jordan Pinnacle releases? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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