What A Year It’s Been For The Jordan I


2016’s beginning to wind down just a touch. We’ve got a little over two months left, and with holiday releases right around the corner, we’ll get one last infusion of heat before 2016 turns to 2017 and a new year, both on the calendar and sneakers are upon us.

There’s been a lot of heat so far this year. Adidas has been doing their thing (as always) with Yeezys, Ultra Boosts, and NMD’s. New Balance and Saucony came correct with the collaborations. Nike Sportswear was a strong player. But one of the things we’ve been most excited about this year is Jordan Brand, mainly how they’re doing their thing with the Jordan I.


We’ve been getting blessed with Jordan I’s of all flavors this year. Classic releases like the Breds (or Banned, whatever strikes your fancy). New classics like the Reverse Shattered Backboards. That’s not even mentioning the heat they’ve got coming up, like the remastered Black Toes or the Top Threes, or the extremely limited jaws, like the Satin Bred I’s.


Although any frequent reader of this site knows we love to dog Jordan Brand for not innovating as much as they should (why do you think Adidas has made such a strong push? It’s more than just ‘Ye), we love that they’ve been doubling down on a classic model and giving it the shine that it truly deserves. I’s have become the Jordan of choice for a large part of the sneaker market … and we can’t be mad at that. It is, after all, their very best shoe.

Will the rest of this year’s releases continue to drum up the same frenzy? Only time will tell, but you already know we’ll be among the first at the mall filling out our raffles.


What’s your favorite Jordan I that released this year? Do you have any I’s in your rotation currently? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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