The Bape x Adidas Collab May Be Even More Limited Than You Think


Adidas. The NMD. Bape. Yeah, that’s a whole lot of hype. The most hyped shoe brand, the most hyped model, and arguably the most hyped brand of the whole year. A trio enough to make any hypebeast get a thin film of sweat above their upper lip. Yeah, everyone wants them, and the matching jacket too.

They’re going to be a hard cop … and recent news indicates they might be even harder to cop than you originally thought, no matter how fast your bot may be, how slick your copy/paste game is, or how much good karma you have on your side on release day.


Sources say the shoes and the jacket will be massively limited (kind of a contradiction, but it oddly makes sense), with numbers in the low thousands. There’s no official number on the shoes just yet, but rumor has it that there will only be 1300 of the jackets avalible stateside.

That’s not a lot. Imagine how many people will be shooting for one. There’s a good chance that less than .01% of the people who attempt to cop will actually manage to get their hands on a pair.

Nobody can whip up hype quite like Adidas nowadays, so only time will tell if there’s any truth to these rumors or if it’s just more marketing schtick from the Three Stripes … but one thing you can be sure of is that these will sell out right away, so you better be prepared to GO on release day.


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