The Jury Is No Longer Out: The Space Jam XI’s Are A Winner


About a week and a half ago, we were wondering what the Space Jam XI release would look like. We’d heard a lot of complaints from a lot of sneakerheads about the shoe. They didn’t like the “45” on the back. They didn’t like the higher cut of the patent leather on the upper. The shoe wasn’t true to the original because (fill in the blank with any number of sneakerhead-style complaints here). We wondered how the general public would receive the shoe as a whole.

Well those questions have been answered. The Space Jam XI’s were a hit yesterday. If you were at the mall, you’d see black boxes everywhere you looked, and sometimes a single person might even be carrying two or three.

Everyone got over themselves and grabbed the shoes just like they should have … and they’re dope. The quality is on point. The packaging is excellent (Jordan Brand really paid attention to the details). The higher cut of the patent leather actually looks pretty damn decent in person. Yeah, there’s not a whole lot to complain about. Sure, they might have taken a while to sell out … but we’d bet that was more due to the sheer number of pairs that were available than a lack of interest. We’d bet even more people will want them after Christmas when they receive a fresh infusion of cash (Let’s be honest: we’re all buying presents now, and that can stretch the budget).

So all in all, a good showing by the Space Jam XI’s and Jordan Brand. Where are the doubters now? Nowhere to be found.


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