Will The Flyknit Racer Ever Fully Return To Glory?


The Nike Flyknit Racer. A shoe that as recently as 2013 was unfuckwittable. A shoe that ushered in the age of¬†athleisure along with tapered sweats and fashion-forwards workout garments. A shoe that was collected obsessively by sneakerheads around the world, and even worn by Kanye West. Yes, there was a time when the Flyknit Racer was top of the line. Shit, the original “Multiunit” colorway still bangs for upwards of $450 on Flight Club.

Nike has recently put the Flyknit Racer back at the front line of their sportswear offerings, with recent releases like the “Blackout” and the “Multiknit 2.0” generating a good amount of hype, and even selling out fairly quickly. So we’re wondering: will the Flyknit Racer ever return to its former glory?

Sure, it’s generating hype again, and people still rock with it, but Adidas is so hot right now that it seems nothing will be able to make a dent in their stranglehold on the “cool factor” in the sneaker market. The Flyknit Racer is performing admirably seeing as 2016’s fashion-loving sneakerhead generally prefers the Three Stripes, but it’s going against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Maybe when Adidas’s stranglehold on cool factor starts to wear off (trust us, it will happen. Trends come and go in the sneaker game, even if they last several years), the Flyknit Racer could reach its once-lofty heights again, but for now it’s a solid, desirable, wearable Nike Sportswear release with a core fanbase that will continue to cop it … and there’s nothing wrong with that.


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