Don’t Buy Into The Hype: Fake Sneaker Release Rumors Are Abundant


If there’s one thing that all sneakerheads agree on, it’s that we all get excessively gassed for new releases. Every time there’s news or a somewhat credible rumor about a new shoe dropping, we’ll be talking about the possibilites. We’re a hopeful bunch, and if we hear that a shoe we love might be dropping sometime soon, we’ll rock with the rumors more often than not.

The downfall of this is that sometimes we can fall prey to untrue rumors or leaks about shoes releasing. It seems to happen every November/December: various news outlets will report that a desirable shoe will be dropping sometime next year, and we’ll all get excited. The news will spread like wildfire through the sneaker circles until one of our “trusty” news sources will brand the rumors as false or admit to jumping the gun … and then we’ll all be disappointed again.

It sucks. It’s deflating and annoying when a shoe that you liked and though would be releasing is not scheduled for a drop. However, it’s an easily avoidable problem. All you have to do is not buy into the hype. Sure, we understand that it’s easier said than done, but if you wait for an official announcement from the brand itself or info from a very credible source, you won’t be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Being the first to know can be overrated. Everyone’s going to find out a shoe will be releasing sooner or later, and when they do, all you can do is tell yourself that you knew first, which won’t get you anywhere. Newsflash: nobody cares if you knew first.

So don’t buy into the hype or listen to the rumors. Wait for the brand or someone directly associated with the brand to say something about a release before you get too gassed. Who doesn’t want to avoid that disappointment?


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