Fragment I’s Spotted At Minnesota Marshalls


Yes, you read the headline right. The Fragment Jordan I’s that have been popping up for a mind-bogglingly low price of $59.99 at Marshalls have came to the North, as a few pairs were spotted at the Mall Of America ¬†yesterday.

The sneakerhead (who’s name will remain anonymous to protect his privacy) who found them walked into the store Thursday morning, and happened upon three pairs chilling on the shelves, for the low price of $59.99. Needless to say, he immediately purchased all three and had them flipped a few hours later, as they weren’t his size.

No more pairs were found at the mall for the remainder of the day (yes, we went to check for ourselves if you’re wondering), and although many other Minnesota sneakerheads went on a wild goose chase to other Marshalls locations around the metro in hopes of finding another pair or two, none were discovered. Nobody can say for sure, but we’d be surprised if any more arrived around the metro area.

Although it’s unlikely that we’ll see any more Fragment I’s hanging around in Minnesota Marshalls stores, it can’t hurt to keep your eyes peeled for that signature Fragment black, blue and white color combination next time you’re at the mall. Who knows? You might just be in for a crazy come-up yourself.


What are your thoughts on the Fragments popping up at a Minnesota Marshalls? Are you stoked for the lucky sneakerhead that found them, or are you salty it wasn’t you? Hit us up and let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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