January: A Stale Month For Sneakers

January’s not the most fun month of the year.

Let’s be 100% honest here: unless your birthday is in January or someone you’re close with has a birthday in January, you probably wouldn’t mind bypassing it completely. The luster of the holidays has worn off. The grind has resumed. If you’re from Minnesota like we are, it’s cold and gross to boot, which doesn’t help matters any.

Unfortunately this extends to the sneaker game as well. Sure, there’s a new year’s worth of releases to look forwards to and obsess over … but there’s generally nothing of great note releasing, which can be tough to stomach especially after the holiday season, when most brands bring out their biggest and best releases of the year.

So how do you deal with a slow month in sneakers? There’s a few things you can do to pass the time till the release calendar starts heating up again.

Grab Old Favorites

Need to cop something? Go back and grab an old favorite or two that you may have missed out on. There’s nothing crazy dropping … so go get what you wanted and missed out on before.

Stack Up

There’s no need to spend your bread. Save it up! You’ve got a whole year’s worth of releases ahead of you that you can spend it on.

Take Some Time Away From The Game

The sneaker game can be exhausting. Use a slow period like this to take a step back from the game and refresh yourself. Chances are you’ll have a whole lot more fun when you get back into the swing of things.


So there you have it. Dealing with a slow sneaker month like January is totally doable, if not always a ton of fun. Just get ready … better months are ahead.


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