TBT: The Air Zoom Generation Was Awesome

2003. The stage was set for a new era in the NBA. LeBron James, fresh out of St. Vincent-St. Mary Highschool in Akron, OH had been selected with the first pick in the draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he made his presence felt on the court from his first day in the league with his jaw-dropping athleticism and uncanny court vision.

Nike knew a star when they saw one, and they inked LeBron to a large deal before his rookie season … then blessed him with his first ever signature shoe, the Air Zoom Generation. A classic mid-00’s Nike Basketball release, it came in 4 colors, and sold quickly across the nation, setting the stage for LeBron’s later releases.

In 2017, for the first time since its original release, we’ll see the return of the Zoom Generation to shelves. Although we haven’t been the biggest fans (and have occasionally been outspoken critics) of LeBron’s recent signature shoes, we love the classics, and the Zoom Generation is definitely that. It’s a shoe that harkens back to a different era in the NBA, an era where Kobe Bryant was the best player in the league, Kevin Garnett was at the height of his powers, and the competitive disparity was not nearly as bad as it was today.

There’s been no official release date for the Air Zoom Generation just yet … but keep your eyes peeled. We’re sure Nike will be blessing us with something soon.


What do you remember the most about the Air Zoom Generation? Are you planning on copping a pair when they re-release? Hit us up and let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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