Is The Ultra Boost Market Getting Oversaturated?

We love Ultra Boosts here at KicksOneTwo. They’re dope. They’re comfy. They go great with both pants and shorts. They’ve become an essential pair in many a sneakerhead’s rotation … and for good reason. They’re avalible in a myriad of colors, and both with and without a cage (the three plastic stripes on the side for those of you who aren’t as familiar).

But with a new Ultra Boost coming out seemingly every weekend we’ve got to ask ourselves: Is the ultra boost market getting oversaturated?

Before you get all puffed up and say no, think of this: how many slight variations of the same exact shoe are being released? Are they still limited and hard to get? Are they still fun to collect? For the most part the answer is yes, but don’t ignore the alarming frequency at which they’re being released.

Remember what caused a lot of sneakerheads to lose interest in Jordans? Oversaturation. It’s hard to get excited about any shoe when it seems like there’s a new colorway releasing each and every weekend, and the Ultra Boost is slowly but surely getting there. Do you really think that sneakerheads won’t lose interest in Boost sooner or later? Never forget the sneaker game is a fickle one, and most sneakerheads have short attention spans

Sure, it’ll be a while before the market gets completely oversaturated, but if Ultra Boosts ever go the way of GR Jordans, don’t say we didn’t tell you it would happen.


What do you think of the Ultra Boost? Do you think it’s as gassed as ever, or is the market slowly getting oversaturated? Hit us up and let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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