Lend A Hand: Help Out Our Friend Matt

Here in the Twin Cities, we’ve got a tight-knit sneaker/streetwear community. Everybody knows everybody, and everyone tries to help out when misfortune befalls someone in the community.
Unfortunately, misfortune struck our good friend Matt (or LMNO as many call him), the store manager at Phenom (a Minneapolis streetwear/sneaker shop) earlier this week, as he was stabbed while at work.
Anyone who knows Matt will tell you he’s a stand-up guy. He loves his kicks and gear, is always quick with a smile and a dap, and he’s someone you can always count on for a good conversation. What happened to him is terrible. He had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, and will likely be away from work for quite a while.
Matt’s Phenom family has set up a GoFundMe to help him with his expenses while he recovers (as we all know, life doesn’t stop for anything), and any amount you can spare would be a great help. Matt’s a father, brother, and good friend, and could use a hand in this situation. Hit the link here to check out Matt’s GoFundMe, and donate if you can. Trust us when we say it couldn’t be going to help out a better person.
We’re happy to help out in any way we can too, so we’ll be donating a portion of our profits from this next week to the GoFundMe as well. Get well soon Matt! Our thoughts are with you.

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