Space Jam II: Should It Happen??

Anyone who grew up in the 90’s loves Space Jam. It was an essential part of being a 90’s baby, from the party sets that everyone had at their birthday parties to the replica jersey and shorts that the cool kids would rock on the first day of school. Everyone’s favorite basketball players combined with everyone’s favorite cartoons made for a very enjoyable flick.

Fast forwards to 2015, and Space Jam is still very relevant. Jordan Brand drops various releases inspired by the movie. People are still rocking Tune Squad jerseys. You can cop the Blu-ray for the low low if you want to have it on deck.

And with all this love for the movie still in the air, there have been rumors. Could there possibly be a Space Jam II featuring today’s NBA stars, and starring (arguably) this era’s very best player, LeBron James?

Fan made movie posters have been appearing all over the web, and the discussion about the movie is more lively now than it ever was before. So that raises the question: Should Space Jam II happen?

The answer is an absolute no brainer. YES.

Why, you might ask? The time is ripe for a follow-up. When the first Space Jam was released, the NBA was enjoying a golden era. Players like Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley were catapulting the league into a new level of worldwide popularity, and the movie combined their popularity with a beloved cartoon and a funny story for a smash hit.

And the NBA is enjoying another golden era now. The game has never been more competitive, and imagine the players that could be in Space Jam II: Steph Curry. Kevin Durant. Kobe. James Harden. Anthony Davis. And that’s not even including the biggest star of them all (currently), LeBron.

Kids today deserve to have a movie like this. Space Jam was very important to the 90’s babies, and if it’s done correctly, Space Jam II could have the same impact on the 10’s babies (that doesn’t sound as good, does it?).

So we here at KicksOneTwo say let it happen. We’ll be some of the first in line for the premiere, wearing our Tune Squad jerseys!


Editor’s Note: Shouts to Bobby for the article idea!

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