The Hate Is Real: Why Sneakerheads Don’t Like Certain Brands/Shoes

As sneakerheads, we usually have one or two types or brands of shoes that we prefer over others. For me, it’s Jordan I’s and Flyknit Racers. For Bobby, it’s Nike PE’s and Reeboks. For Jahmade, it’s anything Adidas….just kidding. Jahmade hates Adidas.

It seems that every sneakerhead has a shoe or two (or in rarer cases, a whole brand) that they just flat-out don’t rock with. Why is that, you might ask? That’s exactly the question we’re trying to figure out in today’s arcticle.

I don’t have any specific brands that I dislike, but if I had to guess (apart from something obvious, like you think a brand’s quality sucks), I’d say it’s because you feel “threatened” by the brand you don’t like. That terminology might confuse you a little bit, but let me break it down…again using Jahmade as an example.

Jahmade loves Nike SB’s. He’s not called the “SB Savant” for nothing. The man has enough SB heat to burn your whole block down You think I’m exaggerating? Check the ‘gram. However, even he would admit that SB’s and the SB game as a whole isn’t what it once was.

You know what wasn’t hot when SB’s were popping that is hot now? You got it….Adidas. From classics the Superstar, to new shoes like the Tubular and the SL Loop Moc, you’re seeing Adidas on the feet of more sneakerheads than you ever did in the past decade. If you’re loyal to another brand…hell no, you’re not going to like that.

Editor’s Note: Adidas stealing Kanye from Nike probably didn’t hurt the cause.

What’s hot in the sneaker game always changes, and sometimes you don’t like what’s hot. When you see it all the time, it makes you dislike it even more. It’s easy to build up disdain for something that you see all the time and don’t particularly care for, and sometimes that disdain can carry over to a brand as a whole.

So buy and wear what you like. You’re allowed to like and dislike whatever you please, and you’ll always have plenty of options. That’s the great thing about the sneaker game.




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