Shorts SZN: 5 Kicks That Look Great With Shorts


Shorts SZN is almost fully upon us. It’s finally getting warm enough for you to put the pants back in the closet, and break out that pile of neglected shorts that’s been sitting in your bottom dresser drawer for the past half year or so. Khaki shorts. Ripped jean shorts (not jorts). Tech Fleece shorts. Printed basketball shorts. Whatever your flavor is, it’s time to bust em’ out.

When you change from pants to shorts, it’s often important to change your footwear as well, as some ¬†shoes that just plain look better with pants should be left in the box in favor of more short-friendly models. We’re going to strive off the beaten path here and not mention the obvious shoes that look good with shorts like Yeezy 350’s or Jordan I’s as we want to give you something fresh you can try out this summer, so without further ado…let’s do it. Here’s 5 kicks that look great with shorts.

Adidas Ultra Boost


We had to throw a pair of Adidas on the list, and as the 350 Boost is just too easy to pick, we’re doing the Ultra Boost. It’s a running shoe after all, and what do most people wear when they run? That’s right, shorts. Thankfully this carries over to the casual side of things as well. Lace em’ real loose when you rock em’ casually, as the Primeknit upper will grip your foot, keeping you comfy and fresh through the whole summer.

Puma R698


The R698 is a criminally underrated model in Puma’s catalog. Everything from the widely available GR colorways to the limited collabs like these Kith Tokyo Sakura Project jawnz in the picture above are great shoes to rock with shorts. They’re a low-key silhouette, but there’s just enough bulk to them to add some substance, so you can still rock them with a pair of baggy cargos if you’re not down with the slim shorts wave.

Nike Sock Dart


We really thought about doing the Presto here (if you’ve been checking the site the past week or so, you already know our love for them), but we decided to go with the Sock Dart instead. The name pretty much sums it up: a sock upper with a little extra support and a sole. If you love Tech Fleece shorts or basketball shorts, these are the shoes for you, as they work perfectly with any athletic-type garments.

Asics Gel Lyte III


Rule of thumb for all of you who love Asics: Gel Lyte V’s with pants, and Gel Lyte III’s with shorts. The classic split tongue is way more noticeable when it’s not partially covered with denim, and you’ve also got the chance to throw on a slick pair of printed no-show socks for a little extra pop of steez for the people who are really paying attention to your footwork. Be sure to keep a Gel Lyte III in your rotation all summer.

Jordan VI


You didn’t really think we were going to do all low-top, running-style shoes, did you? Nah, we had to hit you with at least one Jordan. We love the way the Jordan VI looks with shorts, mainly because even though it’s a high-top, the thin, minimal, cut-out tongue is often eaten up by a pair of pants. It shines way more when they’re rocked with shorts, and there are several perfect summer colorways, like the GMP’s above, and the Oreos.


What’s your favorite pair of kicks to rock with shorts? Is it one of these 5 pairs or something else altogether? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.



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