Refined and Kind: Sneaker in Charleston, SC

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Here at KicksOneTwo, we love to travel. Getting out and exploring new parts of the country is something we enjoy greatly…and you know whenever we set foot in a new town, we’ve got to hit the local sneaker spots to see what’s good.

Well, we’re happy to say we’ve come across one of our new favorite spots. Sneaker, in Charleston, SC has everything a sneakerhead could need and want, from a carefully-curated selection of kicks by Puma, Saucony, Converse, New Balance and more, to dope apparel from brands like Raised By Wolves and 10 Deep. The aesthetic is very refined, but don’t get it confused: there’s no snobbery whatsoever at Sneaker. The staff is kind and welcoming, and the store is a great place to post up and talk kicks.


Sneaker has been open for 3 1/2 years, and is run by our friend JP, a Citadel graduate who’s been in Charleston for over a decade. It’s a community-focused business that throws in-store events 4 times a year, and provides local artists with a place to display their work.

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Plus…they get great releases too. In the next few weeks, they’re waiting on the Saucony x Premiere “Street Sweets,” and the new Puma x Rihanna Creepers.

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And as we mentioned above, the apparel is just as carefully curated as the shoes. From Raised By Wolves and 10 Deep to South Carolina’s own Ode Clothing, plus socks and accessories from brands like Stance, you can get completely kitted out at Sneaker.

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If you’re ever in Charleston. be sure to stop by Sneaker, check out the selection, say what’s up to JP and the squad, and grab some new kicks and gear. It’s a great business in a great space with a great selection…what’s not to love? If you’re out-of-state, be sure to hit them up on their website (you can cop kicks from them online too!), Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page to see what’s going on.


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